Monday, 16 May 2011

A Gaze into the past.

We have all heard of that familiar nursery rhyme"Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" . Sang it many a times when we were a little child and also being sung to, by our parents. The words then meant nothing more than a lullaby and maybe sometimes our parents would make us look at the stars and say that they twinkled all for us and that one day when we die we will be there up shining as one of those stars. What made me write this today is a sudden thought: don’t the stars shine for me anymore; has it shied away from me and disappeared in the the sepulcher? Or is it that I don’t see it anymore, coz I am so engrossed in the more electrifying things of life.
What I am trying to talk about here is the great Irony of life. Life once meant something that I cherished to live. We wished to live long, coz everything that we could imagine about life was full of glory. But now that we are grown up and can see the reality of life and it’s like we wake up one night from a deep dream of peace and find that everything we so far thought to be full of glory was actually a dream and its all shattered. We are brought face to be face with the bitter facts of life. It’s not that that I have any qualms about the reality of life but the fact that Life is no more a Bed of Roses. Also while trying to match my pace with the rest of the world I seem to have lost some of the aesthetics of life. The stars that once shone so bright for me as a child, does not seem to move my senses anymore. The Stars still shine, the earth rotates, and winter dissipates with arrival of spring and the world again basks in the glorious sunlight. But I seem to miss it all.
It’s like my life has come to a point where I arrive towards the end of the Rhyme which reads,” When the nothing shines upon”. All seem to be so gloomy. It seems like I have reached the dooms day. But well then I realize that the Nursery rhyme end with the lines:
       “Then you show your little light.
        Twinkle, twinkle all the light.”
Whatever was there in the minds of Jane Taylor (nearest guess being the author of this Rhyme) when she composed these lines, I might fail to conjecture. However it did spark thoughts into my mind. I am really now determined to sneak into my Past, the joys and tears of boyhood days and figure out ways that would bring, even if its temporary, those glorious moments of life. The Stars that once looked so bright that it lit up my skies on a dark night. I want to make them shine again. I want it to shine so bright on me that it emits rays of happiness and glory and that whoever see it will also get glorified.


  1. Philip,

    Sound like a great stuff.. good writeup.. keep blogging dude ..

  2. a real deep thought.. some things gets so faded away wd the age of a human criosly.. wsh thngs wud hav been dat simple n bright as dey were in our childhood.. nice blog man.. keep it up!! :)

  3. Good one ...All you know is what you think

  4. Good one Philip, age wise people may become aged but heart should be like a kid always so that we can be happy for each and every small things in life, for example when they see a airplane in the sky they ask for it and they are very happy when they get a toy airplane, this way we will enjoy the life.